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It’s 3rd day when my intuos is working
Such days are making my life awesome.

p.s. love that song. It always make me sooo happy and relaxed

love <3


August 30, 2011 at 9:33 am 2 comments

4 teeth fixed :>

Another dentist visit, and another two teeth fixed. It’s 4 total, still 9 to go (including removing two of them). I have really charming and good  (so far) dentist. I think now i’m less affraid of them in general because of it. But i will wait with full opinion till i  finish all dentist treatment (There is lower jaw undone yet, and it always hurts me more, and there are ugly black bottom 6 and 7 teeth remains to remove). I hope it won’t be as bad as it sounds.
Honestly, it’s still pretty unconfortable (+1h without move and with broadly opened mouth) but there is almost no pain 8,D i even get gel anesthesia for the inj anesthesia XD

I have next visit in friday, next in tuesday, thursday and friday next week. I hope i will survive @u@

Aaand i was at one of my friend’s home today <3 (who was with me at the dentist too btw). I was really brave so i decided to buy a big cup of icecream, and later we have some fun watching “Adventure Time” (which i love so much, haha <3 ) ohhh I haven’t got  fun for long time ;U;

Aaand i bought Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time. From the Big Bang to Black Holes” 8D! Cause i like theoretical physic, black holes, universe and stuff like that. Plus i didn’t read any book for… i don’t remember OTL There is “Theory of Everything” in the queue XD

btw. I’m singing it randomly for 2 weeks already, lolol (especially the caAAave part) XD

August 10, 2011 at 8:09 pm 1 comment

I want to draw :C

I wish to draw something finally D:

Work is killing me. Yeah my work is drawing but i’d love to draw something for myself  (and my comics too) ;;__;;

I’d show you what i’m doing right now but i can’t because of the agreement, soo XD additionally my arms hurts from the paint roller and other things >:U i wish it’s over, but i still didn’t paint my room. Only kitchen is “almost” done OTL

I’m trying to work as i can, this week i have two dentist visit eh… And i made something wrong with my paypal lol. Somebody know if i send money from paypal to the invalid bank account (my old not in use already, i forgot to delete it in paypal profile) Is there a chance the paypal will notice that error and my money will back to me? @__@ i’m so nervous.

Anyway, i’m started to listening music again. My sis send me a lot of songs i already forgot about them. Old good songs :>

Like this ones XD yay my playlist is refreshed, it started to bore me already ;u;

August 8, 2011 at 1:47 pm 8 comments

One day rest and omfg meh

Uhhh i’m so tired X__X

I woke up at 4am today, cause we needed to put my grandma to sanatorium in Ciechocinek, and we decided to make a little break from work and house renovation. We had a train at 6am and we were there about 11am, but since my grandma is veeery slow, we were free at 14pm OTL and we could start sightseeing the city.  Geez Ciechocinek is soooo boring (i apologize people who’re living there, and may be touched ;__; ) but uhh -_- me and my sister called it Senior City. We find only 3 restaurants, but we couldn’t bear a lot of time, cause there were senior dancings, lol also there were a looot of souvenirs stands and second hands, and there were that down-market music everywhere @__@ and there were cd’s and tapes (!) with it to buy OTL

Buuut i liked these famous Graduation towers :)

anyway, i made some photos (i’m sorry for quality, phone camera)

there are some ‘flower carpets’

And the graduation towers

…And ohmygosh!!! D:

There is also me D:< Okay, you can say that i’m super ugly, I don’t really care since i know it. I don’t need to be pretty to be awesome :V (sorry, front camera from my phone, so it has bad quality )

And without sunglasses – my deformed askew face (want my surgery so bad ;;__;; )

…And my bulging, permanently swollen eyes :C

Now you will have nightmares, lol

August 4, 2011 at 8:41 pm 47 comments

Feeling better

The worst depression days passed. I don’t know for how long, but i feel better. Good enough to get my courage up and be more social and make more friends. Now, (even if it’s not true) i’m getting ideas into my head, that if someone will tell me that i’m super ugly, i could reply that “maybe, but  you’re not even in 50% that awesome like me” XD

I know that status won’t last long, and there will be a lot ups and downs, but i want to give myself a 2 years chance. I will try bear  it somehow till my face surgery. It’s my motivation to life now, cause i’m very curious how i will look O: Maybe depression will pass finally, if no, well, i have 2 years to think about it.

Now i’m trying to live more carefree, even if it’s only a mask which cover my demons. Also i decided to get some help from psychiatrist, and i’m planning to go on the psychiatric teraphy. At this moment I totally have no time to register there, but i definately decided, that i want to do it.

p.s. ngghh i’m so tired of the house make-over D: when the kitchen will be ready i will try to cook something finally ;u; (i wonder if i can)

August 3, 2011 at 11:36 am 5 comments

House make-over

Aww i have house renovation finally ;__; My room, kitchen and bathroom, so i have to move all my stuff and furnitures to my parent’s room, it’s so cramped. Also i’m offline most of time. But i’m happy from this renovation, maybe i wil feel better, you know we have horrible flat, with leaking unfixable ceiling, so the walls were look awful with runs etc. Now it will be refreshed (i don’t know for how long OTL ) and it will be light green 8D and the kitchen will be orange (now it’s black, because my mom burn fries and we had a fire haha XD;; ) maybe it will also motivate me to cook something <3

It’s hard, and all of that will last still about week, so i would back to my normal work finally then. Only advantage in that all mess is that i pluged my compy to the 42″ tv in my parent’s room, so my sis can play my awsum games on it (now i want to buy big screen XD” but i must earning on the dentist, orthodontist and surgery).

We made a little different ceiling, i hope it will bear more than normal one

And my sister’s playing DragonAge lolol XD (and Antonine’s laying on the flor 8D )

Nghhhh i want my room back ;__;

and i want go bowling  XD

August 1, 2011 at 11:37 am 5 comments



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