Home-made bounty

but there is a lot of recipes on various sites XD

– 200g coconut shreds
– 100ml of 36% cream
– 70g of powdered sugar
– 70g of butter
– some rum exract (not necessary)
– 200g of chocolate (milk or dark) I used milk
mix shreeds with sugar:

Melt butter with cream:

Mix it with the shreds (also add extract if you’re using it), and make small walnut-size spheres:

put them in the fridge on the baking paper for a while~

melt chocolate, and coat the coconuties, using a toothpick or something to help :D
put in fridge



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Ultimate chocolate cake



-200g dark chocolate (60% cocoa) i used wedel chocolate
-200g butter  (cut in squares) i used lurpak
-1 spoon of instant coffee i used nescafe sensatione creme
-170g of flour
-pinch of salt
-1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
-1/4 teaspoon of soda
-25g cocoa
-400g cane sugar (can be white sugar too)
-3 medium eggs
-75ml of butter milk (but i used natural yoghurt)

-200g dark chocolate
-250ml of cream 30%
-2 spoons of cane sugar

-100g dark chocolate

break/cut chocolate and butter into squares, melt coffee in 125ml of cold water

melt all (but don’t heat too much). When ingredients will start melt get off from fire, and mix till they’ll fully melt

like that:

prepare dry ingredients. Sieve flour, baking powder, soda and cocoa in the bowl, add sugar and mix them well

Make egg part: mix eggs (by blender) but not too much – just to mix yolks and whites well. Add buttermilk (yoghurt) and mix

Add chocolate and eggs to the bowl with dry ingredients and mix them GENTLY

Smear 19-21cm form by butter. Pour our cake to the form, and put it to preheated oven (160C) and bake about 1h 25min
baked cake:

Wait till it will fully get cool, and cut it to get 3 flats (i also cutted off the top) Be careful, because cake is moist and delicate :)

break the chocolate into squares, put it in bowl. Get small pot and warm up well the cream and 2 spoons of sugar (don’t boil it)
pour it to the bowl with chocolate, and mix until it will melt. Leave it  for  a while till it will get cool and more thick (i put it into fridge)

Smear the mousse between flats and on top


melt 100g chocolate and smear it on the flat surface, wait until it solidify enough, to scrape off it by spatula (or other utensil)
I was too long on the compy, and my chocolate solidified too much, so i used hairdryer a little :D

put the decoration in the cake and ta-dah~
store the cake in closed box (no need to put it in the fridge)

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The Reids sketches 2

…I found more XD!

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Quick Easter cake

Quick easter cake (mazurek) on soft cake. I made at midnight because my sister needed it for class Easter party today, and she told me about it yesterday evening XD;

ingredients (i multiplied all by 2 to make it bigger):
1 and 1/3 cup (250ml) of flour
1/2 cube of butter
10 spoons of sugar
2 eggs
1/2 pack of  vanilla sugar

jam or nutella (not necessary)
Dulce de leche (masa kajmakowa czy tam krówkowa)
some nut

put eggz butter and sugar into bowl and mix it

add flour and blend all (dough will be thick)

put the dough into form. My sis wanted to use bunny XD;

And bake it (there was no temp and time in recipe, but i baked it till it has gold color – about 3omin in 180C)
Also i cutted off that rough surface

also she wanted to use some Nutella

And finally decorated by dulce de leche and some nut. Mom wanted me to do some flowers XD;

Would looks better in a rectangle shape XD

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The Reids sketches

ohmygosh, what i found on my HD ;__;
Old sketches. I made them for my second visual book for “The Reids” series. Too bad i won’t finish it… (at least not in near future). But I still like them ;;^;;

(click to enlarge)


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coconut cookies


proportions for about 14 big cookies. I multiplied all by 2 to make more, also added more shreds (about 500g instead of 400)

2 eggs
140g of powder sugar
200g of coconut shreds

whipping egg whites

added egg yolks and powdered sugar, and blend a little more

add coconut and mix

for baking i used biscuit sheet and baking paper, and made less than 5cm round cookies (don’t flat them too much, cause they’re flatting in the oven) If it’s too fluent, add more shreds (like in my case. I wanted fluffy cookies – not coconut pancakes XD ) bake in 170C for about 15minutes – till they will be gold on the top (don’t worry if the consistence will be too soft. It should stiffen in few minutes :) )

full view is a must.

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Making milk chocolate cupcakes XD


I feel too lame to translate it this time .__. maybe later…
anyway, today i made some cupcakes with my friend. We had much fun and took random pictures XD;

We need egg yolks, like, now (meago used separate yolk and white skill) :U

Lalalala, let’s start to make a chocolate mousse~ melt chocolate at first (yea, that’s ugly me XD; )

like that:

And blend yolks, and cream like a sir >:U

Mix them, omnom~

okay, we need some chopped chocolate for ganache D:

…and milk chocolate

okay, mousse is ready. It sucks, but anyway, it’s awesome for the first time  XD

Let’s make the rest~ ! Melt chocolate and butter

Added  cane sugar, eggs…

Flour, baking powder…

……yeah XD;;;

decorate them by mousse and hazelnuts :D

…They are super sweet, i ate 2 and had enough XDDD <3 Tomorrow I will decorate the rest and I hope, take some pictures.
Thanks to Nomi, for help 8D

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